The Butterfly Element Founder

Kristin Hughes is the original founder of The Butterfly Element. Kristin’s original intention in establishing the non-profit organization was for the purpose of serving women who found themselves challenged with the many hardships facing them and their loved ones during the transition of losing a spouse.

Widowed at a young age, Kristin was forced to face not only the loss of her husband, she was also plunged into a world of financial uncertainty, unfathomable grief and a lack of resources in understanding how to navigate through her loss in many capacities. Kristin wanted women to have a safe place to go that provides resources and support to women who have lost a spouse. From her passion to serve in this capacity, The Butterfly Element was created.

Since it’s establishment, The Butterfly Element has grown in support staff and offers a dedicated Board of Directors to serve women and their families through financial services as well as coaching services to help women journey into a healthy life style.



It is the Vision of The Butterfly Element to see women achieving realistic goals by way of obtainable resources that will empower them to create a solid foundation for living abundant, healthy lives.


We remain true to our mission and work hard to present quality services.

We strive to remain loyal to our donors and provide maximum exposure and support.

We believe in accountability and measuring success.

We believe in taking a long-term approach to building the growth of the nonprofit.



Our mission is to assist women in need through various avenues of support by way of financial advice, mental health resources, emotional intelligence and career development that encourage all-around wellness and healthy living.