About Us


The Butterfly Element was developed in 2016 by Mrs. Hughes as a result of devoting the past thirteen years to raising her two daughters.

She became a widow and age thirty-eight and once her children were raised she had to start over again.

As a result of this she felt called upon to reach out to other women and families who are in the reinventing stages after a catastrophic occurrence(s) they may have endured (i.e.: widowhood, homelessness, divorce, abuse).

Mrs. Hughes, who has volunteered numerous hours to two major philanthropic organizations in her area, has learned there is a growing need for a diverse non-profit organization. One that is all inclusive to women and family needs that would help enhance their growth to a better, healthier fulfilled lifestyle. One that would help take some of the grief out of the hard decisions that accompany loss.

The funding for The Butterfly Element will come from donations, grants, and any other outside sources.

Currently, Mrs. Hughes is the Founder of The Butterfly Element and manages all aspects of the organization.



Our Mission is to Enhance, Empower, Encourage and Embrace families who have endured hardship (i.e.: major illness, divorce, abuse, widowhood) by providing them with services to help gain self-worth and the ability to put forth the steps of reinvention for their future.



To be a community resource for families in the Greater Sacramento area.



We remain true to our mission and work hard to present quality products, services, and assistance for the integrity of self-worth for families.

We strive to remain loyal to our donors and provide maximum exposure and support.

We believe in accountability and measuring success.

We believe in taking a long-term approach to building the growth of the organization.