New Year-Reinvention

It’s the first day of a new year. What a great time to start reinventing oneself; positive thoughts, beliefs and all over persona.

It’s been a long time coming for me. I’m starting to embrace the beauty of life once again; learn new things just by opening my eyes.

Learning, I’m all for it and by learning one sometimes forgets the “fog” in the head can get the better of us. We try to keep everything in balance and forget the real person of whom we once knew. I’m tending to categorize this as, trying to keep everything in the “status quo”.

Learning may come to us in all forms. Opening your eyes and mind to it is the first step.

The second, well that’s a personal journey you’ll have to embark on. I for one like the old adage “learn three new things daily”. I have found it proves true. Learning through osmosis and or being purposeful through it.

For instance: my first purposeful learning task is to make sure I eat my three meals daily with the two snacks and drink my one hundred ounces of fluids, while keeping my calorie count to one thousand.  I am in no way perfect and need to learn how to keep with in the confines of this regimen on a daily basis. I am hopeful though, osmosis will kick in and it becomes an easier daily task. That will be how I measure if my purposeful daily task is successful.

My second task is learning the art of elegance. This comes in many forms. It’s how one carries them self. It comes from within and the best part is you don’t have to be the wealthiest or the poorest of persons. That’s the beauty of it. Elegance comes from the heart and it’s the love that people see from your elegant nature. The heart plays a huge part of how elegant a person can be; how you look at life and for whom you attract.

Once you find that learning piece whether it be purposeful or by osmosis, the true you will start to shine through and The Butterfly Element is starting to take affect.


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