Empower Hour

Mission Statement:

We strive to Empower, Help, and Inspire women throughout their lives, around the globe, to reach the highest possible achievements through shared experience and guidance.

We are constantly helping women with needs from getting a job to helping women find a home to getting food. The range is wide and we love to help. If you know of anyone who could use our help please let me know. We have a mentoring program, events throughout the year and monthly meetings as well. Every dollar donated goes to families in the community.

This is also a business networking group in which most women work with one another to help in our community.

Monthly Meetings

Empower Sacramento Branch:
The first Thursday of Every month at 9:30 am at Advanced Home & Health

Empower Solano Branch:
The Second Wednesday of Every Month at 12:00 in Vacaville.

Empower Texas Branch:
To Be Announced January 2019!

The Butterfly Estate Liquidators

Connect with us:


Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to Enhance, Empower, Encourage and Embrace families who are in a transition period due to downsizing, moving or re-organizing their lives. We provide them with services to help put forth the steps of reinvention for their future.

Meeting Your Needs

No matter what stage you are at in your transition, The Butterfly Estate Liquidators can put a plan and resources in place to meet your needs. We offer a wide array of services.

  • Inventory, Categorize and Pack
  • Professional Home Organization
  • Help remove clutter
  • Resettle from Home to Retirement
  • Coordinate donations
  • Coordination of:
    • Estate sales
    • Landscaping
    • Cleaning
    • Staging and Moving