Smash Those Hearts

I’ve found through the years that Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning. It went from flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and a nice romantic dinner to new discoveries through new adventures, to alleviate the sting of not having a spouse.

This year isn’t any different; I have found ways to smash my broken heart to smashing hearts.

Now don’t laugh, the one thing that makes me extremely happy are animals. Whether it be a dog, rabbit, or (yes) a giraffe. This year I took my youngest to the zoo. There is nothing like opening my heart to the giraffes at the San Francisco Zoo. My heart is filled when I am around this gigantic, graceful yet lumbering animal.

We, The Hughes Girls, discovered giraffes in 2006 when I needed to add another adventure to the list. I decided to figure out a trip that was not very far, easy to get to, and one that we would enjoy. So, I took the kids to the San Francisco Zoo. The day was one I will never forget. My youngest, age five at the time, took hold of the map. She guided us around the zoo just like a docent would. She would look at the map and say, “We need to go this way to the monkeys”. She was deemed the nickname “Maps” since then.

The eldest, who was eleven, found her way to the play ground and proceeded to practice every cheer move she knew on all the apparatuses. As for me, I found the giraffes, with the help of the youngest of course. She couldn’t let the nick name “Maps” go to waste now could she?

When we reached the giraffes I was in amazement. They are a wonder of an animal. I especially loved Camilla. She was a new born standing all of six foot, two inches tall. She was a beauty. I loved watching her frolic and then proceed to sit/lay down.

From that day in 2006, I knew how to spend my Valentine’s Day. I found that redirecting my focus on what “was” to a new, fun, interactive event in the present, was well worth the new discovery. It helped mend a broken heart and find forever love in something new and exciting. Yes, the zoo can be fun, new and exciting. Just sit and watch the life of an animal and you will appreciate yours and your loved ones even more.

It’s amazing how animals and children can open ones eyes to a whole new world of love. My love for life grows stronger everyday because and I know “The Butterfly Element” has some thing to do with that too.

X.O.X.O ~ Kristin


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